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2017 promises to be a busy and eventful twelve months, with my third book due to be published and various speaking and U3A activities lined up throughout the year.  I also regularly attend a service at an East London Unitarian Church, which will surprise many who know me. I have met some very likeable people as a result of my attendances and the services never disappoint as they are unfailingly interesting and thought-provoking.


And of course 2017 is the year of finally putting together a website of sorts from which to impart my news and details of new publications.  The construction of a website has been an ambition of mine for several years and I am pleased to have made a start on this project at last. If you have any suggestions for improvements then please call me or drop an email.  Having said that, please bear with the considerable teething problems we are having with formatting and links as this is a project from scratch and is very much a learning exercise.




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